Demon Lord Of Karanda (The Malloreon, Book 3) by David Eddings

By David Eddings

During this 3rd booklet of The Malloreon, Garion, Belgarath and their pals keep on with the hunt began in Guardians of the West and endured in King of the Murgos. it is going to lead them additional into the darkish designs of Zandramas and the unusual methods of demons...

The corporation now is familiar with that Garion's child son has been abducted by means of Zandramas and is for use in a poor ritual in an effort to make the darkish future preferrred. the crowd, although, has been detained by way of Zakath, Emperor of all Mallorea, and brought to Mal Zeth, the most important urban within the world.

When a dire plague moves, they be capable of get away and, as prophesied by way of the Seeress of Kell, trip directly to Ashaba - yet, even though they locate Urvon, mad disciple of the evil god Torak, and the Demon Lord Nahaz, Zandramas is long gone. In a determined race opposed to time, the corporate flip east once again to stick with her spoor...

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Most of my visitors were unscrupulous fakes. There were pickpockets who wanted to sell me their life stories and dragomen anxious to guide me to "secret" places where, I suppose, they planned to dent my head and relieve me of my wallet. There were broken-down prostitutes who wanted to be my "girl friend," and broken-down ex-newspapermen who thought I might help them get to the States where they were sure they could earn their fortunes by exposing the troubles of the Middle East. One man claimed the power to hypnotize chickens.

Good tricks have disappointing secrets and this one was simply a matter of practice and manipulation. By two o'clock in the morning most of the old wizards had drifted WIZARD OF CAIRO 49 a y and the fires were going out. Before they started staggering across the desert to their huts and homes I made appointments with several of them and invited them to a little jadoo party in Zamalek. I tried also to befriend scraggly beard but he wasn't having any. The old Sheikh walked back to Cairo with me, over those hills, and through the solemn Qaitbai cemetery with its mud mausoleums and round-domed tombs.

40 JADOO Probably they'd been planning to slit my throat while I was sleeping. Although surprise was on my side, how I wished my pistol fired bullets instead of gas! The first man moved silently across the tile floor. I held my breath and waited until he was a few feet from me, so close I could have reached out and touched him. Then I squeezed the trigger and a blast of tear gas smashed into his face with a loud bang. There was a cry of surprise and alarm and I fired again. Both men scrambled to the door, howling and choking.

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