Democracy and Participation in Athens by R. K. Sinclair

By R. K. Sinclair

This booklet is worried with the general public elements of the lifetime of Athenian voters within the interval from c. 450 to 322 BC. Its important objective is a serious evaluate of the nature and volume of electorate' participation within the operating of the democracy. Professor Sinclair's research is made of the perspective of the person citizen--his privileges and possibilities, his obligations, the rewards and the hazards of exploiting the possibilities on hand to him.

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1 and ch. 2, Plut. Kim. 15, Per. 10, Aesch. Eum. 681—710, 858-69, 976-87, T h u c . 4-6; Arist. Pol. I3i7b4i—i8a2; Hignett 193-213, R h o d e s 201-6; cf. Sealey 42—58. 70 See ch. 4 . 1 ; Arist. Pot. 1274315-18, 1 2 8 ^ 3 1 - 4 , 1282325-32, 1318D21-32. 88; see ch. 5. 2 (and CAAP), Arist. Pol. 1273D35—74a2i; Sealey 46-52, MacDowell 2 9 - 3 3 , Forrest (1966) 217—18, R h o d e s 204 n. 1. 74 The other feature - state pay for public service - was closely connected with the dispensation of justice.

141—54 on eligibility for naturalisation; for grants of proxeny see Walbank (1978). i02, ML 85), Dem. 211-14. M. J. 56—7, see ch. 2. 25 The privileges and the opportunities of the citizen From surviving inscriptions we can trace the wooing of Dionysios I the tyrant of Syracuse: an honorific decree of 393 did not dissuade Dionysios from continuing to assist the Spartans against the Athenians, but when better relations developed after the conclusion of an Athenian—Spartan alliance in 369, the Athenians in 368 granted citizenship to Dionysios, his sons and their descendants and in the next year made an alliance with him.

2 Athens and its busy port Peiraieus were clearly attracting many foreigners to Attike - men in particular, it is likely, but women and families as well. 3 Athenians at large may have felt themselves confronted by a flood of outsiders, and, in particular, may have been unwilling to share, on an unrestricted basis, the opportunities that Athens now offered. For Athenians were increasingly conscious of an Athenian identity. Perhaps, too, there had been laxity or even variations in the admission of citizens by the demes giving cause for concern.

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