Death Masks (The Dresden Files, Book 5) by Jim Butcher

By Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden, Chicago's simply working towards expert wizard, is employed through a mysterious priest to discover the stolen shroud of Turin.

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Are they aquatic, aerial, earthly or lunatic? And, leaving aside the observations of Smitho, Prudenzio and Frulla,7 I would like to know if they are wrong or right, who claim that you bark like a rabid dog, in addition to sometimes playing the monkey, sometimes the wolf, sometimes the magpie, sometimes the parrot, now this animal, now that, mixing grave and serious words, moral and natural, ignoble and noble, philosophic and comic. . Do not be surprised, brother, for the scene was indeed a supper, where brains are guided by the passions aroused by the flavours and odours of food and drink.

Seventh, we show how meaningless the characterization of matter as appetite is, using the self same logic derived from the principles and hypotheses of those very people who so strongly proclaim matter to be the daughter of privation and its appetite to be similar to the insatiable craving of an impassioned female. Argument of the fifth dialogue In the fifth dialogue, which deals chiefly with unity, the foundation of the edifice of all natural and divine cognition is laid. Here, first, we present the theme of the coincidence of matter and form, potency and act, so that being, logically divided into what it is and what it can be, is physically undivided, indistinct and one, and at the same time infinite, immobile and indivisible, with no difference between part and whole or principle and principled.

Sixth, as a constant material principle is recognized, we demonstrate a constant formal principle; and we demonstrate that, from the fact of the diversity of dispositions that are in matter, the formal principle proceeds to the multiform configuration of different species and different individuals; and we show why it has come about that some, brought up in the Peripatetic school, have not wanted to recognize any other substance than matter. Seventh, why reason must distinguish matter from form, and potency from act; and we repeat what was stated in the second part concerning how we can, without laying ourselves open to criticism, grasp the substratum and the principle of natural things in diverse ways, according to different philosophical systems; more usefully,  Cause, principle and unity however, according to natural and magical methods, and more ineffectively according to rational and mathematical methods, especially if they submit so closely to the criterion and working of reason, that nothing worthwhile is produced in the end, nor any practical fruit gathered, without which all contemplation is to be reckoned futile.

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