Dead Magic 2: Secrets and Survivors (Mage: The Ascension) by Bryan Armor;Kraig Blackwelder;John Chambers

By Bryan Armor;Kraig Blackwelder;John Chambers

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Aerin is an outcast in her personal father's courtroom, daughter of the international girl who, it used to be rumored, used to be a witch, and enchanted the king to marry her.

She makes buddies along with her father's lame, retired warhorse, Talat, and discovers an outdated, neglected, and dangerously vague recipe for dragon-fire-proof ointment in a dusty nook of her father's library. years, many canter circles to the left to bolster Talat's susceptible leg, and lots of burnt twigs (and a number of arms) secretly experimenting with the ointment recipe later, Aerin is current whilst anyone comes from an outlying village to document a marauding dragon to the king. Aerin slips off by myself to fetch her horse, her sword, and her fireproof ointment . . .

But smooth dragons, whereas bold competitors absolutely able to killing a individual, are small and accounted vermin. there isn't any honor in killing dragons. the good dragons are a story out of historical history.

That is, until eventually the day that the king is using out on the head of a military. A weary guy on an exhausted horse staggers into the courtyard the place the king's troop is assembled: "The Black Dragon has come . . . Maur, who has now not been noticeable for generations, the final of the good dragons, nice as a mountain. Maur has woke up. "

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Mitch didn't say anything to that. But after a while, he asked, "Why'nt you just leave, man? " "Cause Jolene's in there, that's why. She's in there somewhere—with them'" He was staring across the street at the Goliad Hotel, all two stories of it, and the hatred in his eyes was like a living thing. After a few moments he asked, "How 'bout you? " "You seen what they did to my daddy. " "Yeah," Hank said softly. " "Folks say now he was one of the lucky ones, 'cause they killed him right out. " Mitch gave a laugh that held no humor whatever.

Walking through the elegant home, you'd never know that two Jesuit priests had once died there while performing an exorcism to save a little girl. Morris had learned that evil doesn't advertise. It doesn't have to. The fortyish blonde who answered his knock had probably been fairly attractive a few months ago, before fear and worry and sleepless nights had their way with her. "Mrs. " she said impatiently.

Morris had been in a few certifiably haunted dwellings over the years, and none of them had borne the slightest resemblance to Castle Dracula—a place that Morris also knew a great deal about. There was the house in West Pittston, Pennsylvania—the little one with the white siding. Nothing special to look at, but pure evil inside—as bad in its way as an equally nondescript place in Amityville, Long Island. And Morris had once spent an hour in a certain town house in Washington's Georgetown section.

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