Dai Vernon's inner secrets of card magic by Lewis Ganson

By Lewis Ganson

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Pretend to pluck one from your head with your right hand and hold the hand up as if to display the hair. Say that you propose to wrap the hair around the card. Lift the left hand which is holding the card as in Figure 1, and with the right thumb and forefinger, pick up the projecting thread from behind the card. Actually wind the thread over the top long side of the card, into the slit and down to the middle of the back of the card—all in full view! Take the card into the right hand, the thumb and forefinger over the slit, which holds the thread in position.

Two of magic's greatest performers, Max Malini and Nate Leipzig, regarded it as one of the finest examples of visual magic, and were well known for the manner in which they could produce this effect. In the past the usual reason for making the transformation was that the performer purposely produced the wrong card, then when his error had been pointed out, he caused the card to change into the correct one. In modern times it is more often exhibited as a quick effect, performed at a suitable moment, either just before the magician commences a card routine, or is added in the middle to give extra weight.

To demonstrate this unusual request he carries out the action, but does not look at the bottom card. However, to make his meaning clear, when he has pushed out the bunch of cards, he says, "Look at and remember the bottom card of the packet before you drop it on top of the pack, like this". He drops the packet on the pack and, of course, has now provided himself with a key card, because when the spectator makes the Ginsburg Poke and looks at the bottom card of the packet before dropping it on top of the pack, the card looked at is automatically placed next to the key card.

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