Cosmopolitan Borders by C. Rumford

By C. Rumford

Cosmopolitan Borders makes the case for tactics of bordering being higher understood in the course of the lens of cosmopolitanism. Borders are 'cosmopolitan workshops' the place 'cultural encounters of a worldly type' happen and the place entrepreneurial cosmopolitans develop new different types of sociality within the face of 'global closure'.

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But this is less and less a satisfactory answer in many cases. The increasing diversity and multiplication of bordering sites provoke a key question: from what perspective should this multiplicity of borders be viewed? We need to guard against the possibility that even when acknowledging that borders can be diffused throughout society we still choose to look at borders from the perspective of the state, by restricting debate to, for example, the extent to which the development of borderlands is compatible with conventional notions of securitized borders.

These cases will demonstrate the ways in which borders can be heavily influenced by citizen activity, be invisible to some (but not all), and can be ‘engines of connectivity’, linking people to the world beyond the ‘local’ border. Particular focus will fall on the ways in which borders can be utilized as political resources by a range of actors. In doing so it will highlight a way in which a borderwork-inspired agenda takes us away from a narrow association between borders and (national) security.

However, it might just lead us back to consideration of the same old borders. 0006 ‘Seeing Like a Border’: Towards Multiperspectivalism  borders which are recognized as being significant by all concerned. In any case, ‘border as method’ reserves a special, privileged role for borders. They are the keys to interpretation which can unlock our understanding of global processes. ’ In the section that follows we explore borders in a context where consensus over what constitutes a border may not exist and where borders may be invisible to sections of the population.

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