Cosmogony and Creation in Balinese Tradition by C. Hooykaas

By C. Hooykaas

Life is stranger than fiction. significantly so. pass judgement on from this: The Javanese boost a sense in the direction of their afterbirth, wbich isn't really thrown away at delivery within the heathenish Western method, yet which will get a good burial and has the identify: ari-ari, more youthful brother (- sister) . i do know of a Javanese schoolgirl who wTote in an essay: "How could not i've got soft emotions in the direction of the spot the place my ari-ari lies buried?" The Balinese are within the satisfied place of getting at least 4 elder brothers (sisters). The 'concomitants of actual birth', being the amniotic fluid, the blood, the vernix caseosa and the afterbirth jointly are the baby's kanda mpat, bis 4 elder brothers, or her elder ~isters in relation to a woman. even though the 1st 3, because of their liquid kingdom, commonly disappear and obtain little care, the ari-ari is thoroughly buried below a around riverstone of approximately one foot in diameter, for a boy on the one part of the stairs resulting in the drowsing apartment, for a lady on the different aspect. The innumerable writipgs, in part or thoroughly facing the kanda mpat, don't weary from inculcating their readers that the 4 are invaluable so long as one supplies them the (material) foodstuff and reverential concepts they're entitled to, within which case they from their part behave as real eIder brothers. U. besides the fact that, one neglects and ignores them, they punish their more youthful brother.

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Samantara = Pretafijala, Da. 103-104. Maya Rodra, kabeh ika, Pretaiijala, na. 105-106. , kati linevih vadu, devi Angavati = Pretaiijala na.. Ika tattva nin Paiica-Sanak inuni, ika ta pürvakanya. 107-108. , Devi Sudevi = Pretaiijala, na. Ika tattva nin Paiica Brahala mvan Pafica Bakek. 109-110. Panca-Deva-Käla mankana katattvanya nuni. 111-112. Muvah kacaritakena ta<;lah Käla, meh telas denya asak~ana. ah Käla. H. anira, äbharat:a. [panandikanira] : "Renönen ujar insun kaki ri sira. 113. (Linira:) "E Brahma!

Bh. kabeh. Vidhi ViSe~a, mvan Bhattäri Umä, ika ta sinanguh Ardhanaresvari. Guru juga, apan sira ratu nin devatä kabeh. j) Ndatan dva magave sira Gunung, San Ailsa-deva, pari, taru, manusya, avun-avun, geni, mina, manuk, sato, mvah sa-isinin loka, i sa-ibek nika sakveh in prä~a-pränI, sira tattvakena, Purvaka nin Män~ya nuni. 44. ], while lacking a-i, has j), just like TG, only with Mahä-deva instead of Ailsa-deva. S, also lacking a-i, after Gunung inserts na. gunun Padma Resi Anlayan, and minakadi kalpa-taru, the 'Mountain of the Flying Anchorite' and the 'Wishing Tree', both being picturesque but less convincing in our context.

Earth sky goose ..... front ... Syllable OM, dissolved siva the First Thing. siva, Who created all animals moving on the breast, on the ground, called ha1#sa/anstt; kuma-, all that ..... flies; -ranan, all that which is distinguished by its behind; 'front-goers', all those who move on by the face; 'one-foQters', all kinds of eggs giving existence to WOflllS. That is their First Thing in the past. ) He created the 'five membered bliss': mountain, field, forest, irrigated ricefield, rivulet. Once more Bhattära spoke to mankind, saying: Näräyal)a of great power, rest ...

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