Comprehensive dictionary of electrical engineering by Philip A. Laplante

By Philip A. Laplante

The great Dictionary of electric Engineering is a whole lexicon that covers the entire fields of electric engineering. The publication offers achievable definitions for working towards engineers, serves as a reference and learn instrument for college kids, and provides functional details for scientists and engineers in different disciplines. parts tested contain utilized electric engineering, microwave engineering, control Read more...


this entire lexicon covers the entire fields of electric engineering. The e-book offers doable definitions for working towards engineers, serves as a reference and study device for college kids, and Read more...

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Anisotropy (1) the degree of variation in a property such as index of refraction with light propagation direction. (2) dependence of the response of a medium on the direction of the fields, for example, the x component of the electric displacement might depend in part on the y component of the fields. cation of simulated annealing and also specifies the number of parameter changes that are to be attempted at each temperature. annul bit a bit that is used to reduce the effect of pipeline breaks by executing the instruction after a branch instruction.

Literally, “aloha” is a greeting in the Hawaiian native language. alpha particle a subatomic particle emitted by ceramic packaging materials that causes soft errors in memory integrated circuits. alpha particle noise this type of noise occurs exclusively in small semiconductor capacitors, when an energetic alpha particle, either from cosmic rays or from the packaging or substrate itself, traverses the capacitor, discharging it, thereby creating an error in the stored charge. Such an accumulation of errors in a digital system has the effect of creating a noise signal.

Allocation locate. the act of allocating. See also al- allocation of authority process by which the authority (scope of competence) is allocated to various decision units; this allocation may result form the natural reasons or be a product of system partitioning. almost sure convergence for a stochastic process, the property of the sample values converging to a random variable with probability one (for almost all sample paths). alnico a permanent magnet material consisting mainly of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, and iron, which has a relatively low-energy product and high residual flux density.

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