Compiler techniques (Auerbach computer science series) by Bary W Pollack

By Bary W Pollack

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You need to learn how to visualize those objects as they really look. In other words, you need to recognize the three-dimensional object by seeing the two-dimensional top, front, and side views. Use additional sheets of paper to draw the three-dimensional view of the following objects based on the twodimension drawings, as shown for the first object. (Hint: Hidden lines are indicated by a dashed line. These dashed lines are edges that you cannot see from the view that you are looking at. 15 You can draw complex and complicated objects by using more than one box to help you.

4 Study the box in the following circle, and then do the following: ■ Finish drawing the other box that is started in the lower half of the circle. ■ Draw 3 more boxes anywhere within the circle. ■ Draw 2 boxes that sit in front of or behind other boxes. ■ When finished, there will be 7 boxes total inside the circle. Here is a hint to use when drawing objects. The outside lines of the object should be drawn darker and heavier. The darker outside edges make each object appear to stand by itself either in front of or behind another object.

Complete each drawing as indicated. Complete the object that is partially drawn in below. Create perspective drawings for the objects shown here. 25 Re-create a three-dimensional view of the following objects shown in the two-dimensional drawings. This is a bit more difficult than the similar exercise you completed earlier in this chapter because this time the objects have circles or circular shapes in them. 27 The following unfinished sketch has many circular shapes. Most of these circular shapes appear as ellipses because they are circles drawn in perspective.

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