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But what are we talking about h€re - a few thousand, millions. two bucks? Give trIl! a ball· park figure. 4o. Sixty would support.. 40 percent would be opposed. in the ballpark If you say that someone or something is In the ballpark. you mean that their ideas, ac­ tions, or estimates are approximately right, a1though they may not be exactly right. This expression is used in American English. As one recovering gambkr p/iU it, as long as you stay hcmest with yourSlll/. you're SCm£­ where n i the ballpark.

Dustrt plunu an down tel SOp per lb. Mld doiry products an down. irfrrJnl poga. The anlholotfy if short store i s by Scottish wriun is a ruther mixed bag, This untvmnt5S 0/ qlJlJlity may be an irrevitablt consequence qf �fft:fi11ll writers on the grounds if'tI(ltionality, rothu than simply on literary mwi/. someone's bag of tricks .. If you refer 10 someone's bag of tricks, you mean that they have a set of special tech· niques or methods to use In their work. 'lJnprttenlious Delights' by Johnny Ort/fin is peif«r/y titted.

Thrown off balance by some­ thing, you are confused or surprised by It. Verbs such as 'knock' and 'catch' are s0me­ If you are times used instead of 'throw'. She was trying to behove as if hs i vbit hadn't thrown her qJJbalance. ss seemed designed tel throw Michtul off balance. nccked flU off balana with his tJb. rupl changt oj subitd. ball a ball and chain .. If you describe someone or somethin8 as a ball and chain, you mean that they restrict your rreedom to do what you want. Jj you lisUn to membtrs oj the same sex talk­ to each other, you're likely to hear a man ng i thscrjbt his wife as a hall and choi n.

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