Cold Cereal (The Cold Cereal Saga, Book 1) by Adam Rex

By Adam Rex

From writer Adam Rex comes the 1st e-book within the Cold Cereal Saga—a hilarious, smart, and action-packed experience sequence with an academic hook.

Scottish Play Doe—aka Scott—is used to being a bit varied. occasionally he hallucinates issues nobody else can see. yet then this kind of hallucinations attempts to thieve Scott's backpack, and he comes face-to-face with an honest-to-goodness leprechaun named Mick who's at the run from, of all issues, the Goodco Cereal corporation. With assistance from his pals Erno and Emily, Scott and Mick discover Goodco's sinister plans—and take the 1st steps in saving the realm from the evil cereal company.

Like the Artemis Fowl and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians sequence, the Cold Cereal Saga takes parts of universal mythology—in this example, Arthurian legend and Irish folklore—and reimagines it within the sleek global with a solid of relatable characters and myriad magical beings. the tale is instructed from a number of issues of view, and there are dozens of illustrations—including "commercial breaks"—and tales in the tale.

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5). 11), while Lucius speaks in her defence, thus revealing himself to be a firm believer in magic. He then narrates a tale about a certain astrologer named Diophanes who has predicted he will profit greatly from his journey to Hypata. The host tries to refute such claims with a story in which Diophanes is ridiculed; he is no believer in magic or fortune telling, and even makes fun of his wife for having recourse to the occult. The entire conversation serves once again to bring out Lucius’ heedlessness and foolish belief in false seers.

45 In the final part of the preface, the subject matter of the work is more specifically identified as involving the metamorphosis of humans into animals, the change of their respective fortunes and their final restoration back to their former condition, in what the narrator claims will be a highly entertaining story. 47 On the way he meets some fellow travellers heading in the same direction. In the corresponding sections of the Metamorphoses, Lucius, who is likewise travelling to Thessaly, encounters two other wayfarers: Aristomenes and a sceptical fellow traveller.

Esting observation that the sculpture represents more than one moment in time:72 Actaeon is already undergoing the punishment for his curiosity by being metamorphosed into a stag, but the naked object of that desire is not present before his eyes. A clothed Diana strides along, somehow both before and after the moment of discovery: the lack of any emotional description of her figure may make us believe that she has not yet gone to bathe, while the dogs at her side may suggest that they are ready in pursuit of Actaeon.

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