Collected Papers of Claude E. Shannon by Claude Elwood Shannon, A. D. Wyner, Neil J. A. Sloane

By Claude Elwood Shannon, A. D. Wyner, Neil J. A. Sloane

This significant publication, the 1st released number of papers via Claude E. Shannon, is an engaging consultant to the entire released articles from this world-renowned inventor, tinkerer, puzzle-solver, prankster, and father of data concept. contains his seminal article THE MATHEMATICAL thought OF verbal exchange.

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25 figs. Superseded by the following paper. Not included. [25] "Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems," Bell System Technical Journal, Vol. 28 (1949), pp. 656-715. "The material in this paper appeared originally in a confidential report 'A Mathematical Theory of Cryptography', dated Sept. " Included in Part A. [26] "Mixed Statistical Determinate Systems," Typescript, Sept. 19, 1945, Bell Laboratories, 17 pp. Not included. [27] (With R. B. Blackman and H. W. Bode) "Data Smoothing and Prediction in Fire-Control Systems," Summary Technical Report, Div.

Not included. [32] "Some Generalizations of the Sampling Theorem," 1948, 5 pp. + 1 fig. Not included. [33] (With J. R. Pierce and J. W. Tukey) "Cathode-Ray Device," Patent 2,576,040. Filed March 10, 1948, granted Nov. 20, 1951. Not included. [34) "The Normal Ergodic Ensembles of Functions," Typescript, March 15, 1948, 5 pp. Not included. [351 "Systems Which Approach the Ideal as PIN 1948, 2 pp. Not included. [36] "Theorems on Statistical Sequences," Typescript, March 15, 1948, 8 pp. Not included.

Included in Part B. [86] "Efficient Coding of a Binary Source With One Very Infrequent Symbol," Memorandum MM 54-114-7, January 29, 1954, Bell Laboratories. Included in Part A. [87] "Bounds on the Derivatives and Rise Time of a Band and Amplitude Limited Signal," Typescript, April 8, 1954, Bell Laboratories, 6 pp. + 1 Fig. Not included. [881 (With Edward F. Moore) "Reliable Circuits Using Crummy Relays," Memorandum 54-114-42, Nov. 29, ]954, Bell Laboratories. Published as the Bibliography of Claude Elwood Shannon xli following two items.

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