Churchill and the Strategic Dilemmas Before the World Wars: by John H. Maurer

By John H. Maurer

Earlier than Michael I. Handel died his colleagues and scholars compiled this choice of essays that have been written for a convention on method held in the course of 2001. The papers deal with Churchill's perspectives and ideas on battle, approach and realpolitik.

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79 Encouraged by Ballin and Cassel, Churchill wanted to seize this opportunity for opening direct, high-level talks with Germany’s leaders. Yet, despite Tirpitz’s remarks to the British naval attaché, as well as the assurances of Ballin and Cassel, the German government showed no genuine enthusiasm for renewed negotiations. That Churchill might use the occasion of the Kiel festivities as an opportunity to visit Germany had already occurred to German leaders. In 1913 the Kaiser feared that, even without a formal invitation, Churchill might show up at the Kiel week celebrations.

Closing off Germany’s ability to win a major battle at sea also led Churchill to push for the concentration of British naval power in home waters. ’97 Churchill did this out of the strategic conviction that naval concentration in home waters—staying superior to the naval forces massed by Germany in the North Sea—was key to Britain’s security To acquire the ships, men, and supplies needed to maintain British naval superiority over Germany confronted Churchill with a difficult domestic political problem.

Finally, no revolu tionary new weapons system was likely to appear that would transform the naval balance dramatically in Britain’s favor. In arms-control negotiations, Tirpitz thus preferred a diplomatic deadlock, which would permit this gradual shift of the naval balance of power in Germany’s favor.

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