Cholesterol Metabolism, Ldl, and the Ldl Receptor by N. B. Myant

By N. B. Myant

Ldl cholesterol Metabolism, LDL, and the LDL Receptor

summary: ldl cholesterol Metabolism, LDL, and the LDL Receptor

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The abov e mode li sfull y applicabl e onl y t o mature cells . Th e markedincreas e inHMG-Co A reductas e activit y tha toccur si nth e cell so f man y developin g tissues ma y b e explaine dpartl yb ya respons e t o increase dutilizatio no ffre e cholesterolfo rmembran e formation ,a si ndevelopin g nerv e tissu e undergoin g myelinization. However ,i nmos tcase sa developmenta l increas ei nreductas e activityi s bes tsee na sa reflectio no f th e switchin go nan dof fo f gene s tha t underlies th e developmen to fal ldifferentiatedorganisms .

Th e increas ei nenzym e synthesis tha toccur si ncell s incubate dwit hlecithi no rHD Li s probabl ya response t o withdrawalo f cholestero lfro mth e cell sb y thes e tw o acceptor sfo r free cholestero l (se e Rothblat , 1969) . Cohenet al. (1982) ,o nth e basi so f thei rstudie so f vascula rendothelia l cell s inculture , conclud e tha tHD Lan dcompacti ninduc e HMG-Co A reductas e b y differentmechanisms . LD Lreverse s inductio nb y HD Lbu tdoe s no trevers e tha t broughtabou tb y compactin .

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