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This joins it to the electricity supply. ^T ^ "mf wrai ^ WT^l f ^ TJP ^ffl^S % 3 WTRt f . pole (tfcr) A long round stick. W ^ l WTT ^ f a f^T ^ ^T ^ t. y polecat A small animal like a weasel. poppy (Tfnft) police (TTri^TH) People who see that other people do not break the law. TT^ ^ r a w *K«*>Kl WIT. porcupine (MK^MI^H) porpoise (wra) polo ("cftoTt) A game played by people sitting on horses and hitting a ball with a stick. "tftoTt TOf ^TT T§teT, ^ft ^ "

G^Tf. hive heron CM A bird with long legs which likes standing in water. hoe A small house made of wood. Bees live in a hive. "R^hRksmi '3FI A garden tool for digging weeds. out ^npn. herring A small fish found in the sea. ^ W f t ^Ist Weft. holly A tree with prickly leaves. Some holly trees have red berries. ^H^T i t ^ e b ^ k fnst. hook (fcp) A curved piece of metal. You hang things on a hook. ^feT. hoop (^q) A circle of wood or plastic. You jump through a hoop or roll it mountain. ^ ^ T ; W f ^ ; hippopotamus (OMcw-i) A very large animal s ^ n g the ground.

We keep hamsters as pets. ^ ^ W^^hcr. (tare*) hand (fcss) a wild animal like a rabbit. % TTft^R 3 TForf^cT W I harp (mi) A musical instrument with strings A harp has the shape of a triangle Part of your body at the end of your arm. FTC; W . handcuffs (l^swtm) r f i hare CN) Two metal rings which lock your hands together. Policemen use handcuffs on prisoners. 31 hat Something you wear on your head. (%e) 2rq. heel The back part of your foot. "Q^t. CM head All the parts of your body above your neck.

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