Carl Schmitt's Critique of Liberalism: Against Politics as by John P. McCormick

By John P. McCormick

During this first in-depth severe appraisal in English of the writings of Carl Schmitt, John McCormick has offered philosophers, historians, and political theorists with the main entire account of Schmitt's critique of liberalism on hand. He examines why know-how turns into a rallying cry for either correct- and left-wing intellectuals now and then while liberalism seems anachronistic, and exhibits the continuities among Weimar's ideological debates and people of our personal age.

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The identification of interests that the state will protect is itself a matter of free and open rational dialogue that requires two things: first, citizens able to reason collectively about the public good. Second, a public willing to reshape the agenda of interests as society changes through time. The latter, in turn, requires free associations, civil society, and a public sphere (Thomas, 1997, 2006/​2010, ch. 12; Pettit, 2012). For the republican, freedom under law requires a state (Larmore, 2004, 2008).

205) So he had no disagreement with one strand in the republican tradition, namely, the Roman strand of republicanism influenced primarily by Machiavelli and defended in recent political philosophy by Pocock, Skinner, Pettit, and (to a certain extent) Dagger. 6 The latter makes political participation itself an essential part of the good life; it is, therefore, of no help in solving the problem posed by the plurality of equally reasonable conceptions of the good life. Roman republicans treat political participation differently from the Athenian tradition; I have argued that such participation ought to be viewed as an option value (Thomas, 1997, 2006/​2010).

Roman republicanism is more articulate about that which Rawls characterizes somewhat vaguely as the “favourable conditions” for a realistically utopian view—​an aspect of his view that I will discuss further in ­chapter 11. (ii) Roman Republicanism Of the two traditions discussed in this book, the Roman republican tradition may be the less familiar. 8 What do these republicans believe? They believe in public-​ness and self-​government (Pettit, 1997, 2012; Dagger, 1997, 2001, 2006, p. 153). Self-​government is not, however, the autonomous, collective self-​determination characteristic of the rival Athenian tradition of republicanism, but the valuing of political participation as a means of 10 10 { Republic of Equals prudently protecting each citizen’s interests under a regime of just law.

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