Canadian dictionary of finance and investment terms by Jerry White

By Jerry White

Nearly 5,000 phrases are outlined, specifically as they relate to Canadian monetary associations, nationwide and provincial rules, and Canadian tax legislation. This up to date version covers shares, bonds, mutual money, e-commerce, and masses extra.

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See also EMERGING COMPANY MARKETPLACE (ECM); SECURITIES AND COMMODITIES EXCHANGES; SPDR; STOCK INDICES AND AVERAGES. AMERICAN STYLE OPTION option, common in North America, that can be exercised any time during its life up to and including the last trading day. AMORTIZATION accounting procedure that gradually reduces the cost value of a limited life or intangible asset through periodic charges to income. For fixed assets the terms used is DEPRECIATION, and for wasting assets (natural resources) it is depletion, both terms meaning essentially the same thing as amortization.

For equities, bonds, options and derivative securities. Located at 86 Trinity Place in lower Manhattan, AMEX was known as the Curb Exchange until 1921. AMEX trades more than 900 issues on its primary list. The two main indices tracking AMEX stocks are the AMEX Composite Index and the AMEX Major Market Index. In the options market, AMEX trades options on 30 broad-based and sector indices and more than 900 stocks and 109 LONG-TERM EQUITY ANTICIPATION SECURITIES (LEAPS). AMEX is a leader in listing warrants on foreign currencies and indices as well as hybrid instruments and other structured products.

ALL OR NONE (AON) Investment banking: an offering giving the issuer the right to cancel the whole issue if the underwriting is not fully subscribed. Securities: buy or sell order marked to signify that no partial transaction is to be executed. The order will not automatically be canceled, however, if a complete transaction is not executed; to accomplish that, the order entry must be marked FOK, meaning FILL OR KILL. Page 15 ALL ORDINARIES INDEX the major index of Australian stocks, representing 330 of the most active listed companies, or the majority of the equity capitalization (excluding foreign companies) listed on the AUSTRALIA STOCK EXCHANGE (ASX).

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