Biofeedback (Gray Matter) by Krista West

By Krista West

The human brain is a studying laptop. we're regularly taking in details, processing that info, and making judgements according to what we study. Biofeedback is a procedure that teaches the brain in order that it could discover ways to regulate the physique. This booklet explores how moods, muscle mass, nerves, and mind waves might be managed by way of the brain this method.

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Like waves in the ocean, brain waves come in different shapes and sizes. Waves can be large, small, slow, fast, uniform, or variable. Different parts of the brain produce different brain waves depending on what each part of the brain is doing at any moment. 38 Biofeedback Brain wave Recording location in brain role in body Alpha Back (can be recorded in other places) Associated with physical calmness and lack of activity. Beta Front and center Seen when the mind is alert or actively dreaming. Gamma Everywhere Observed when the brain responds to specific things (like clicking noises or flashing lights) or does a specific, complex task.

35 36 Biofeedback The SEMG monitor tells the practitioner and patient immediately whether the exercises are working. SEMG biofeedback is used to treat a wide variety of conditions including tension headaches, incontinence, muscle spasms, and paralysis. College Students Measure Sweat At the University of Texas at Austin Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC), college students are using galvanic skin response instruments to practice biofeedback relaxation tech‑ niques on their own. The Mind/Body Lab at the CMHC is equipped with leather recliners and touch‑screen computers that guide students through self-controlled relaxation exercises.

The patient learned that every time she felt uncertain about a piece of music, the muscle tension in her forearms increased. The practitioner helped the woman relieve her muscle tension by practicing ways to learn a piece of music more thoroughly and to alleviate her uncertainty. Over time, the woman learned to control her levels of anxiety (and therefore her muscle tension) on her own. 22 EMG biofeedback is perhaps the most common type of biofeedback used to treat performance anxiety, but other biofeedback methods are also used.

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