Bhrigu Samhita: Predictive Techniques Deciphered by Shanker Adawal

By Shanker Adawal

This ebook, the 1st of a chain, supplies a detailed learn of some of the diversifications and
combinations which can lead to forecasting occasions so one can aid either the astrologer and the
native in learning concerning the approach and rules which the conventional kind of astrology does
not in actual fact bring about.

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Here Rahu is exalted which is Karka for gastric troubles. Gemini is also an air y sign. As Rahu remains in natural retrograde mode, some trouble is expected. Thus Jupiter 's transit over Rahu will make the child suffer from gastric troubles in his 61h year. The native gets well from all these troubles soon as Rahu exalts in Gemini and the Jupiter next transiting sign Cancer is the sign of exaltation. Besides, the lord of Gemini Mercury is well placed and strong. Since there is no planet in Cancer and Leo, the effect of transit of Jupiter augurs no major events.

Fame: The native will earn fame as Jupiter is placed in its own sign with Ketu and the Sun. BHR/GU SAMHITA 61 Brothers: The native will have brothers as Jupiter is having planets before and after. Besides, Mars is also not badly placed and will lend its supp01t in this matter. House - Conveyance - Earnings: The native will own a house, have conveyance and will also earn well. The placement of Mars and Venus in the 2"d house to Saturn where Mars denotes property and Venus conveyance and earnings, the native will cettainly own a house and vehicle and will also have good earnings.

Venus conjuncts the Sun gives one daughter and Jupiter aspecting Sun gives a son. Thus the transit of Jupiter BHR/GU SAMHITA 47 on Venus at the age of 33, will give a daughter and when Jupiter transits its own natal position, at age of 36, the native will have a boy. e. in the 12m sign. Ketu with the Moon does not allow any progeny. Thus only Jupiter aspecting the Sun can give a male issue. 5th round of Jupiter: Native's Longevity: Jupiter the proponent of soul when comes in a very weak place and in that round , it cannot sustain itself.

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