Beyond Star Trek: From Alien Invasions to the End of Time by Lawrence M. Krauss

By Lawrence M. Krauss

Within the bestselling The Physics of big name Trek, the well known theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss took readers on an interesting and eye-opening travel of the big name Trek universe to determine the way it stacked up opposed to the genuine universe. Now, responding to requests for extra in addition to to a few contemporary interesting discoveries in physics and astronomy, Krauss takes a provocative examine how the legislation of physics relate to notions from our pop culture -- not just celebrity Trek, yet different movies, indicates, and well known lore -- from Independence Day to celebrity Wars to The X-Files. what is the distinction among a flying saucer and a flying pretzel?Why did not the extraterrestrial beings in Independence Day need to hassle invading Earth to damage it?What's new with warp drives?What's the main most probably situation for doomsday?Are ESP and telekinesis impossible?What do clairvoyance and time commute have in common?How could quantum mechanics eventually have an effect on the destiny of lifestyles within the universe?

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Since the summer of 1947—the same summer as the famous sighting at Roswell, New Mexico—when Kenneth Arnold, a commercial pilot, thought he saw a formation of silvery disks above Mt. Rainier and subsequent newspaper stories dubbed his visions "flying saucers," saucer-shaped vehicles have been the ship of choice for witnesses of alien visitation. Why not? After all, a spinning disk is satisfyingly stable—it can generate lift and it resists tipping over. Moreover, as an astute editor once remarked to me, "Isn't it uncanny that flying saucers were observed before Frisbees were invented?

To be generous, let's say it takes 1/10 , of a second for the vehicle to stop and change direction—a short enough time so that you might perceive it as instantaneous. Well, the deceleration of the spacecraft performing this maneuver would be about 700 times the acceleration that gravity produces in a falling object at the Earth's surface. In the language of the G-forces, familiar to aircraft pilots, aficionados of space exploration, and readers of my previous book, this means that the occupants will feel a force of 700 Gs.

Where balloons are concerned, one doesn't worry about the additional mass represented by the air inside. Not so for rockets: they require so much fuel that its additional weight cannot be ignored. And there's the rub: If I want my rocket to move faster, I have to throw more propellant out the back; but if I have to throw more propellant out the back, I must start out with more fuel aboard the ship. But if I start out with more fuel aboard the ship, I must expel a little more propellant than I would have to get the ship (plus fuel) moving in the first place.

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