Benzimidazoles and Congeneric Tricyclic Compounds: Part Two,

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Chapter 6 Condensed Bemimidazoles of style 6?5?5 (pages 1–255): G. Tennant
Chapter 7 Condensed Benzimidazoles of sort 6?5?6 (pages 257–461): G. Tennant
Chapter eight Condensed Benzimidazoles of kind 6?5?7 and better Homologs (pages 463–503): M. F. G. Stevens
Chapter nine Condensed Benzimidazoles Bridged among N?1 and C?7 (pages 505–529): M. F. G. Stevens
Chapter 10 advertisement functions of Benzimidazoles (pages 531–542): P. N. Preston

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132) +etc]. This fragmentation pattern is akin to that observed for thiazolo[3,2-a]benzimidazoles and imidazo[ 1,2-a]benzimidazoles (see later). 17. 128) R' R2 R' Me H Ph Me Me Ph CH,Ph H Ph a m/e (rel. 1). 1). 3),92(1). 1),74(1),64(1). 2),49(1). 8). 4). Measured at 50 e V and an emission current of 75 mA at 125". Only peaks with m/e > 39 are indicated; peaks with intensities <1% are not shown. 92) (cf. 133) (cf. 24). General Studies The typically basic character of 3H and 4H-pyrrolo[1,2-a]benzimidazoles, 2,3-dihydro-lH-pyrrolo[1,2-aJbenzimidazoles, and 2,3,3a,4-tetrahydro- lH-pyrrolo[l,2-a Jbenzimidazoles is qualitatively demons~ated12.

CHCI,-. 100) R" . 1706, 1691 1740 1710 1692 1696 1688 1680 2140,1745 46 45 19 12,13 12,13 23 23 23 23 24 23 23 21 21 23 24 23 29 23 25 19 19 19 19 Ref. 10. 11. 101). 103) u,,(cm-') Ref. 1745 3 100-2200' 3100-2200, 1740 1760 1755 1755 3280, 1690 3390, 1705 4 2 5 41 38 38 59 38 Medium not specified. KBr. 'C=O absorption not quoted. CHQ. Nujol. The IR spectra" of 6- and 7-azido-2,3-dihydro- 1H-pyrrolo[ 1,Zalbenzimidazoles contain orthodox IR azide absorption at 2120 cm-',which serves to characterize these otherwise relatively unstable molecules.

7 Hz. 'J=7Hz. fJ=9Hz. K J = 2and 9Hz. OCOMe. J = 2 Hz. ' CH,DC. ' J = 7 . 5 Hz. ' Hydrochloride. 5 Hz. 5 Hz. ' N(CH,), of C(5) substituent. " Chemical shift in ppm relative to HOD. (CH,), of C(5) substituent. + J value not quoted. " =NCH,-. " COMe. ArH. " J = 7 and 4%. MeO. OH. cH-. OOm--. 50111- ' -a -- " 8 values in ppm measured from T M S . * Signals are sharp singlets unless otherwise specifiecl as: d = doublet; t =triplet; q = quartet; m = multiplet. A = CCI,; B = CDCI,; C = (CD,),SO. Not quoted.

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