Asterix and the Magic Carpet (Asterix Adventure) by Albert Uderzo

By Albert Uderzo

The fantastic village the place Asterix and Obelix stay has just one main issue: its bard is the worst musician within the old global. at any time when Cacofonix moves up a song, the sunlight hides at the back of the clouds and the rain starts off to fall. yet, then a fakir flies in on a magic carpet inquiring for assist in finishing a negative drought in his country. another way, his daughter Orinjade should be sacrificed to the gods. unexpectedly, Cacofonix’s abilities are available in strong convenient.

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Have you burned yourself doing aFire Spell again? I don't want any more singed parrots hanging around here, Septimus. That was a mistake," muttered Septimus. "I meant to do aFirebird Spell . It could have happened to anyone. " Marcia came in, and behind her Septimus could see a slight murkiness in the air as theShadow followed her into the potion room. Marcia bent down and looked more closely at Septimus's thumb, almost enveloping him in her purple cloak as she did so. Marcia was a tall woman with long, dark, curly hair and the intense green eyes that always came toMagykal people, once they were exposed toMagyk .

Although this was no longer true, it was still the biggest room that anyone in the Castle had ever seen. The ceiling was higher than a house and the massive windows, which were full of small panes of stained glass, stretched from floor to ceiling and threw an array of rainbow colors across the polished wooden floor. The lower panes of the windows were thrown open in the heat of the summer morning. They led out onto the lawns at the back of the Palace, which swept down to the river. "He's gone," said Jenna.

He looked neither right nor left and paid no attention to anyone who might be crossing the roadas Professor Weasal Van Klampff happened to be doing just at that moment. The Professor, unaware of the fact that Marcia was on her way to seehim , had something to tell Marcia, something that needed to be said well away from the remarkably acute hearing of his housekeeper, Una Brakket. As Professor Van Klampff wandered absentmindedly acrossWizard Way , rehearsing in his mind how he was going to explain his suspicions that Una Brakket was up to somethingalthough he was not sure whatthe last thing he expected was to be knocked down by a huge black horse thundering by.

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