Analysis and Design of Structural Sandwich Panels by Howard G. Allen

By Howard G. Allen

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This is because the large amount o f core material in the infinite overhang acts like a rigid insert, preventing the faces from sliding over each other (Fig. 16a). This suggests that one way of eliminating errors in tests of this kind would be to glue rigid inserts into the overhanging parts, in place o f the core. Some o f the simplicity o f the method is then lost, however, SANDWICH BEAMS 41 because tests can no longer be performed on unmodified sample beams. If G -»» c», then a -*· «>, ßs 0 and the fractional error vanishes.

Furthermore, γ0 is zero. (a) (b) F I G . 9. (a) Beam with central point load, (b) Right-hand half of the beam. 27) with this value allocated to Q is W - g x = C i cosh ax 4- C 2 sinh ax + — . 29) By successive integration, 3 C C Wx 2 EIwi = —x3- sinh αχ Η—^- cosh αχ Η — — - -f C 3 X 4- C 4 x 4- C 5 . 31) 3 cosh ax + 2 χ + C 6. α 2α Five simple boundary conditions are available in AB to provide relationships between the six constants of integration, C±— Cq. (i) χ = 0, wi = 0 (Arbitrary) c (ii) x = 0, (iii) χ = 0, 5 _ JC = 0, ^- w[" = 0 (Symmetry) 1 + y ( ν ) χ = 0, = 0.

13b), for the core shear stress when the faces are thin, is unaltered. 8 are unchanged. 24a) remain the same. 39) is, o f course, no longer valid. 55) must 2 be used for / and If, and AG is again represented by bd G/c. 3. Level OL1 a2 / \ t l + t , ^2} I, 2 / \ I, 2 1 / C + tt 2} dtt M + I U + '2 1 / D t l + If 2 2λ Λ, 1», Μ TU+Î T) + Τ,Ύ + SANDWICH BEAMS 43 where αϊ, α 2 take different values according to the level at which the stress is measured. For example, the four critical levels are marked a, b, c, d in Fig.

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