An A-Z of English Grammar and Usage by Geoffrey N. Leech

By Geoffrey N. Leech

Книга рассчитана на все группы пользователей, так как описывает базовые принципы английской грамматики. В книге в простой форме описываются все базовые правила языка, кроме того для всех грамматическим терминов даны пояснения и описания так, что даже новичку будет несложно разобраться в правилах языка. Дополнительным плюсом является использование общераспространенных тем, которые обычно не встречаются в других книгах: как извиниться или поблагодарить в той или иной ситуации, какие существуют нюансы.

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111 and 112, each verse is divided into two parts following the alphabet. The Lamentations of Jeremiah are mostly acrostic, and the last chapter of Proverbs has the initial letters of its last twenty-two verses in alphabetical order. In ecclesiastical history the term acrostic is used to describe a mode of performing the psalmody of the ancient church. A precentor began a verse and the people joined him at the close. It was then much used for hymns, as follows: J esus, who for me hast borne E very sorrow, pain, and scorn, S tanding at man’s judgment seat, U njust judgment there to meet: S ave me by thy mercy sweet, etc.

10:16). ADONI´RAM (ă-dŏ-nīʹrăm; “high lord”). The son of Abda, and receiver-general of the imposts in the reigns of David, Solomon, and Rehoboam (1 Kings 4:6). During his extended term of office he rendered both himself and the tribute so odious to the people, in sustaining the immense public works of Solomon, that when Rehoboam rashly sent him to enforce the collection of the taxes the exasperated populace rose upon him and stoned him to death. C. Adoniram is called, by contraction, Adoram (2 Sam.

1:2). Frequently it is derived from Heb. ṣûr, “to bind”; in 1 Sam. ” In Isa. ). Specifically (Heb. śāṭān) the devil, as the general enemy of mankind (1 Pet. 5:8). ADVOCATE (Gk. paraklētos, “paraclete”). One who pleads the cause of another. The term is applied by Jesus to the Holy Spirit (John 14:16; 15:26; 16:7), where it is rendered Helper; and by John to Christ Himself (1 John 2:1). The word advocate (Lat. advocatus) might designate a consulting lawyer or one who presents his client’s case in open court; or one who, in times of trial or hardship, sympathizes with the afflicted and administers suitable direction and support.

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