Amplifiers by H.Lewis York

By H.Lewis York

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I did not know how hard I would have to work ever after to earn a fraction of that love from others, which was given to me freely without asking, and which I was leaving behind and discarding carelessly" ( 242 ). The book is most interesting in describing experiences such as the family's summer camp in the countryside or visits to the women's baths, least satisfying in the strange absences of political or social analysis. Iran's past is colored with the nostalgic glow of a fondly remembered childhood.

Wasafiri 11 ( 1990): 24 - 25. Belli. Gioconda. Born in Managua, Nicaragua, in 1948. At age fourteen she went to Spain to finish her secondary education and then studied advertising in Philadelphia, returning to Nicaragua after a four-year absence. She worked in advertising until she became involved in the effort to overthrow the Somoza dictatorship. She was also writing poetry, publishing her first collection, Sobre la grama, in 1974. In 1975 she was forced into exile, living in Costa Rica with her two daughters and there bearing a son and a second book of poetry, Línea de fuego.

33 ( January-June 1989): 17 - 28. Kostopulos-Cooperman Celeste. The Lyrical Vision of Maria Luisa BombaL London, England: Tamesis, 1988. Levine Linda Gould. " Revista Interamericana 4 ( 1974): 148 - 161. Meyer Doris. " Contemporary Women Authors of Latin America. New York: Brooklyn College, 1983. 3 - 15. Smith Verity. " Feminist Readings on Spanish and Latin American Literature. Lewiston, NY: Mellon, 1991. 137 - 149. Williams Lorna V. " Latin American Literary Review 10. 20 ( 1982): 21 - 30. Borinsky, Alicia.

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