Abbreviations (Collins Word Power) by Graham King

By Graham King

The whole consultant to abbreviations and acronyms.

  • from Abba to Zip, the total advisor to abbreviations
  • the easiest and worst of acronyms, from Mencap to CREEP
  • the best reference resource for domestic, workplace, college or study

    'Collins Wordpower' is a chain of compact, complete and straightforward courses to English utilization: the genuine English courses to actual English.

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    Unthinkingly, we use dozens, perhaps hundreds of them every day: BBC, BO, DJ, DIY, PDQ, M&S … ft, ins, lbs, ozs, kilos. Many of them have been in use so long we forget the actual words, phrases or names they represent: RSVP, QED, APC, BUPA. Others, of more recent invention, hide fearsome medical terms we prefer to put out of our minds anyway, like Aids, BSE, TSS and CJD. Acronyms – where the initials of a phrase or saying form a meaningful or pronounceable word – can be even more hermetic. How many of us would score ten out of ten for reciting correctly the full meanings of Oxfam, radar, scuba, Saga, Qantas, laser and Wasp?

    E Earl; earth (planet); earth (electric circuit); East; eastern; postcode for East London; Easter; ecstasy (drug); elliptical galaxy (astronomy); England; English; E-number (see detailed entry); energy; equator; lowest occupational category; equator; evening; evensong; electromotive force (physics); Espana = Spain; second-class merchant ship (Lloyd’s Register) e edition; eldest; electric; electricity; electromotive; electron; engineer; Erlang (telecommunications unit); error (baseball); evening; excellent; excellence; transcendental number (mathematics) EA East Anglia; educational age; electrical artificer; EnteAutonomo = Autonomous Corporation (Italy); environmental assessment ea each EAA Edinburgh Architectural Association EAAA European Association of Advertising Agencies EAC East African Community; Educational Advisory Committee; Engineering Advisory Council EACSO East African Common Services Organisation E&OE errors and omissions excepted EAON, eaon except as otherwise noted EAP English for academic purposes; Edgar Allan Poe (US author) EAR employee attitude research EAS equivalent air speed EAT earliest arrival time (also eat); Employment Appeal Tribunal EAX electronic automated exchange (telecommunications) EB Encyclopaedia Britannica; electricity board; electronic beam EBA English Bowling Association EBC European Billiards Confederation; European Brewery Convention EBL European Bridge League EBM expressed breast milk EBU European Boxing Union; European Badminton Union; European Broadcasting Union; English Bridge Union EBV Epstein-Barr virus EC European Community (now EU, European Union); postcode for East Central London; East Caribbean; Episcopal Church ec earth closet; enamel coated; exempli causa = for example ECA Electrical Contractors’ Association ecc eccetera = etc (Italy) ECD early closing day; estimated completion date ECG electrocardiogram; electrocardiograph; export credit guarantee ECHO virus Enteric Cytopathic Human Orphan virus (also echovirus) ECM European Common Market (now EU, qv) ECO English Chamber Orchestra ECS European Communications Satellite ECSC European Coal and Steel Community ECU English Church Union; extra close-up (film and TV) ecu European currency unit ed editor; edition; edited EDC European Defence Community Edin Edinburgh EDM electronic distance measurement (surveying) EDP, edp electronic data processing EDSAT Educational Television Satellite EDT Eastern Daylight Time EDTA ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid (bleach stabiliser in detergents) ee errors excepted EEC European Economic Community (now EU) EEG electroencephalogram; electroencephalograph EENT eye, ear, nose and throat (medical specialism).

    Smersh Snafu and beyond What’s going to happen to SOS? T Truncated Words U UIAA et al UK Postcodes UN – The United Nations Family V The Versatile W X Y Z Zip Graham King (1930–1999) The AAA (Abolition of Acronymlc Abominations) Keep Reading Copyright About the Publisher Introduction Perhaps without our realising it, abbreviations and their smart cousins, acronyms, have become essential elements in our language and lives. Unthinkingly, we use dozens, perhaps hundreds of them every day: BBC, BO, DJ, DIY, PDQ, M&S … ft, ins, lbs, ozs, kilos.

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