A Woman's Pleasure Trip in Somaliland by Frances Swayne

By Frances Swayne

This ancient publication could have quite a few typos and lacking textual content. buyers can often obtain a unfastened scanned reproduction of the unique ebook (without typos) from the writer. now not listed. no longer illustrated. 1907 version. Excerpt: ...These shrubs sometimes develop jointly, and it's very curious to notice how, with unerring intuition, the animals will greedily feed upon the only and steer clear of the opposite. Ergin usually offers covert for lions, yet to my nice unhappiness I by no means observed any of those noble beasts. there's not anything Somalis like lots as to be relocating on, or hate greater than staying quietly in a single position, accordingly they weren't in the slightest degree placed out via having to take down all of the tents and pitch them afresh 5 miles extra on; the one distinction they made, used to be to ship at the mules with the entire eatables, etc., first, in order that once we arrived our dinner was once prepared, and whereas we have been eating our tents have been pitched and organized. This spot was once the single campingground i used to be at, the place there has been no water; in fact the nien knew this truth previously, and organized for it via taking a number of camels particularly to hold the water tins containing water for our use, and for cooking reasons; yet we have been the single residing creatures supplied for, no different guy or beast had a drop, and so far as lets see, it made no distinction to their convenience. One guy to whom I spoke acknowledged, “ We drank the day past, and shall drink the next day; lots of water to-morrow, it’s all right.” As Abdulla used to be a lot hired on the Sheikh camp, and had such a lot of issues to seem after, we took for our head guy this time Adan Yusuf, who had, twenty-one years earlier than, been head guy to Colonel S--, R.E., brother to the Commissioner, and had considering that then observed him with the Rodd venture to Abyssinia and different exploring events. He got here up after dinner to obtain his orders for day after today, after which inquired such a lot fairly of me approximately Colonel S, and enlarged upon his prowess as a sportsman....

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The owner of this garden was, I believe, a Eurasian. I in Somaliland. 29 did not see him, but was much interested in his garden, in which we noticed, besides tropical vegetabes, nearly every ordinary English vegetable ; he had also a good number of turkeys and poultry, all of which were doing well. It is perhaps unnecessary to add that he had dug a well and had a good water supply, or all his efforts to make a garden would have been in vain. This is a veritable oasis in the desert, for the plain, called Guban, which we were then crossing, has not in this part much vegetation; the trees are certainly larger than any we had hitherto seen on the road back to Berbera, and many were covered with a creeper, called " Armo," growing in great profusion and often assuming fantastic shapes given to it by the wind.

The mail is carried up to Sheikh by a camel Sowar who does the whole journey of forty-five miles (which owing to the nature of the country takes most people two or even three days) in about nine and a half hours. He passed us on his way down to Berbera, and took our letters, thus saving a week. gorge the view, which thus came suddenly upon us, astonished me with its beauty. Now for the first time we coulcf see the well-known Golis range, with its varied peaks and many picturesque spurs, well wooded in places, and looking quite misty and mysterious in the evening light.

There is one drawback to these trees, and t h a t is their extremely poisonous nature. Like many others, they milk freely when wounded in one of their soft parts, and the liquid which flows from them appears to be a strong caustic ; it turns the ground black where it falls, and would entirely destroy a person's sight if a drop were to get into the eyes. However, with one big waterproof sheet stretched overhead to prevent any droppings, another doing duty as carpet, and the addition of a writing table and two or three comfortable chairs, the bower made a very fair substitute for a sitting room where I could read, write, 39 Euphorbia Trees.

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