A History of the Life Sciences, Revised and Expanded by Lois N. Magner

By Lois N. Magner

I skimmed this ebook for historical past details, and was once inspired that Magner's didn't interpret and choose historical background on a latest technological know-how foundation, yet relatively offered and evaluated each one scientist as he handled the data he had, answering the questions offered to him by means of the tradition during which he lived. Magner additionally did rather well explaining clinical rules to me -- a slightly scientifically proficient, yet non-science significant.

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For example, Aristotle believed that the function of the brain was to secrete mucus and cool the blood by balancing the heat of the heart, which served as the seat of the soul and the intellect. When the heat of the heart overpowers the cooling power of the brain, the blood is hot and man becomes passionate and excitable; when the brain predominates, the cooling of the blood results in sleep. A balanced state allows for rational life. The brain must be composed of earth and water to perform its cooling function because the element earth is cold and dry, while the element water is cold and wet.

He was one of the first scientists to write a treatise on the classification of rocks and minerals. Some historians have found the fundamental concepts of ecology in his studies of the relationships between living things and their environment. Theophrastus seems to have objected to the preoccupation of natural philosophers with the study of metaphysics (the study of first principles), the reckless use of Ideological explanations, and their tendency to denigrate the direct study of nature. If natural phenomena were observed more closely, he argued, it would be easy to demonstrate that nature does not always act with universality of purpose and intelligent design.

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