A Dictionary of Varieties of English by Raymond Hickey

By Raymond Hickey

A Dictionary of types of English offers a complete directory of the unique dialects and different types of English spoken during the modern world.

  • Provides a useful creation and advisor to present examine developments within the field
  • Includes definitions either for the varieties of English and areas they function, and for terms and concepts derived from a linguistic research of those varieties
  • Explores very important examine concerns together with the transportation of dialects of English, the increase of ‘New Englishes’, sociolinguistic investigations of varied English-speaking locales, and the research of language touch and change.
  • Reflects our elevated know-how of worldwide kinds of English, and the advances made within the research of sorts of the language in fresh decades
  • Creates a useful, informative source for college students and students alike, spanning the wealthy and various linguistic forms of the main broadly approved language of foreign communication

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Vocabulary Apart from specific terms from the region and direct borrowings from Afrikaans there are features which could be due to transfer or retention, for example the use of learn for teach. Afrikaans has only one word leer but dialects of English had, and some have, learn with an animate object in the sense of teach. Confusion may occur with sets of verbs with complementary meanings, for example lend and borrow (Afrikaans again has one word leen covering the semantic range of both these verbs).

Dharuk diyin ‘woman, wife’), waddy ‘Aboriginal war-club’ (cf. Dharuk wadi ‘stick, club’). Code switching may be the origin of such ubiquitous terms as boomerang ‘curved flat piece of carved wood which returns to thrower’ or koala ‘bear-like native marsupial’. B. The term ‘aboriginal English’ is also found to refer to the English spoken by the indigenous people of Canada, that is, aboriginal Canadians. absolute construction Part of a sentence, usually at the beginning or the end, which is not formally linked to the rest and which is functionally similar to a subordinate clause.

The west coast was first visited by the Portuguese in the late fifteenth century. In later centuries European countries established trading posts (for which they often paid ground rent to local rulers) or traded from on board their ships. Later the continent came increasingly to feel colonial pressure from major European powers. This development reached its peak in the nineteenth century with the scramble for africa when the entire continent was divided up by the Europeans, usually with no regard for the demographic distribution of the indigenous peoples.

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