A Dictionary of the English Bible and its Origins by Alec Gilmore

By Alec Gilmore

This Dictionary is designed to extend wisdom of Bible origins, introduce readers to the range of models and manuscripts that lie at the back of the general English translation(s). It additionally offers, in alphabetical order, 'student notes' on texts, types, manuscripts, individuals, areas and terminology, protecting the origins of the Hebrew Bible, the hot testomony and the English Bible, together with fresh translations. more often than not, this publication will facilitate a extra clever realizing of the Bible between lay humans via removal many of the mystique and prejudices linked to it. Entries are actual, no longer evaluative, and mirror modern biblical scholarship. it is a convenient reference device for somebody in any respect attracted to the Bible.

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Complete edition of the OT produced by John Ernest Grabbe*, a Prussian scholar who settled in Oxford*, 1701-20. Published with the NT in 1786, the first of three major codices of the NT to be published, the other two being the Codex Sinaiticus* and the Codex Vaticanus*. Soon recognized as one of the main Greek mss. of the Bible. Cyril Lucar*, Patriarch of Constantinople* and former Patriarch of Alexandria*, presented a copy to Charles I in 1627 and it was kept at St James's Palace until 1649. It represented a much more reliable text than that which the translators of the AV* had worked with.

1089). Chapter division in the English Bible is attributed to Stephen Langton* and as we know it today goes back to the pattern laid down by Felix Pratensis*. Charles I (1600-49). Presented in 1627 with a Greek ms. of the Bible which was older than any biblical ms. previously available in the West. Dating from the fifth century it became known as Codex Alexandrinus* and led to much greater accuracy in Bible translation. Cheke, John (1514-57). Professor of Greek at Cambridge and tutor to Edward VI.

C. , and with vocalization* close to that of Codex Aleppo*. The earliest complete codex of the Hebrew Bible* which is closest to the Ben Asher* tradition. The basis ofBiblia hebraica* and Biblia hebraica stuttgartensia. Known as Codex L and located in the Public Library, St Petersburg*. Codex Petersburg. , c. 916 CE, containing Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the Twelve minor prophets, in a Ben Asher* text but with earlier Babylonian vowel pointing. Usually known as P and located in the Public Library, St Petersburg*.

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