A Dictionary of Puns in Milton’s English Poetry by Edward Semple Le Comte

By Edward Semple Le Comte

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Brings with joy The good befall'n him, author unsuspect, (a) informant not subject to suspicion. e. fallen away). Evans (Broadbent). author unsuspect ix 771 viii 138 If earth ... her part averse From the sun's beam meet night, (a) turned away from. (b) not welcoming. averse aware vi 54 7 So warned he them, aware themselves, (a) wary, vigilant. (b) play on "warned", both from Old English waer, wary. Elledge. awful Nat, 59 And kings sat still with awful eye, (a) awe-inspiring. (b) stricken with awe.

B) reviving. Elledge. (c) warm. cordial viii 466 From thence a rib, with cordial spirits warm, (a) on the side of the heart (cor). (b) "cordial spirits" a synonym for vital spirits in the old physiology. Fowler. corny vii 321 up stood the corny reed (a) ofwheat. (b) horny (L. corneus). Hume. correspond vii 511 Magnanimous to correspond with heav'n, (a) be in harmony, relate. (b) able to hold intercourse, commune. Verity. couched iv 123 Deep malice to conceal, couched with revenge: (a) lying hid (Fr.

Defiance i 669 Hurling defiance toward the vault of heav'n. (a) declaration of war. (b) ety. breaking of faith. Ricks. defilement to the inward parts C, 466 lust ... Lets in defilement to the inward parts, The soul grows clotted by contagion, (a) soiling of the soul. (b) "contagion" by a venereal disease. Defaced, deflow'red, and now to death devote! (a) robbed of moral beauty. Lockwood. (b) deprived of flowers (ousted from the garden). Evans (Broadbent). (c) in effect, violated, raped. See Le Comte, Milton and Sex, pp.

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