Oxford Dictionary of Physics by Alan Isaacs, Market House Books

By Alan Isaacs, Market House Books

Complete and recent, this fourth variation is the best reference software for college kids of physics, both in school or at college. Containing many new entries, and now with biographies of key scientists, it covers the entire quite often encountered phrases and ideas of physics.

-- Over 4,000 transparent and concise entries

-- New entries comprise team thought, radioisotope imaging, fractional quantum corridor impression, and Lorentz strength

-- characteristic articles on vital issues -- Chronologies chart discoveries in major fields of the topic

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G. absolute zero. 2 Denoting a temperature measured on an absolute scale , a scale of temperature based on absolute zero. The usual absolute scale now is that of thermodynamic temperature; its unit, the kelvin, was formerly called the degree absolute (°A) and is the same size as the degree Celsius. Top Back - New Search absolute expansivity See expansivity. Back - New Search absolute humidity See humidity. Back - New Search absolute permittivity See permittivity. Back - New Search absolute pitch (perfect pitch) The ability of a person to identify and reproduce a note without reference to a tuned musical instrument.

Back - New Search advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) See nuclear reactor. Back - New Search aerial (antenna) The part of a radio or television system from which radio waves are transmitted into the atmosphere or space (transmitting aerial ) or by which they are received (receiving aerial ). A directional aerial or directive aerial is one in which energy is transmitted or received more effectively from some directions than others, whereas an omnidirectional aerial transmits and receives equally well in all directions.

Back - New Search Anderson, Carl David (1905–91) US physicist who became a professor at the California Institute of Technology, where he worked mainly in particle physics. In 1932 he discovered the positron in cosmic radiation, and four years later was awarded the Nobel Prize. In 1939 he discovered the mumeson (muon). Back - New Search anechoic Having a low degree of reverberation with little or no reflection of sound. An anechoic chamber is one designed for experiments in acoustics. The walls are covered with small pyramids to avoid the formation of stationary waves between facing surfaces and the whole of the interior surface is covered with an absorbent material to avoid reflections.

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