A Buddhist Chinese- Sanskrit Dictionary by Akira Hirakawa

By Akira Hirakawa

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The origin of Latin arbiter is also uncertain. One hypothesis explains it as ad “to,” plus the Indo-European root gw a- or gw em-, with the same meaning as native English to come. If that is the origin, then an arbiter is someone who comes in to settle a dispute. In calculus the constant of integration is an arbitrary constant because, unless otherwise specified, it can have any value. [1, 77] arborescence (noun), arboricity (noun): from Latin arbor “tree,” of unknown prior origin. ) Graph theory deals with mathematical objects called trees and forests.

An alphametic is a type of cryptarithm in which the replacement letters happen to spell out real words; in the best alphametics, the words even make meaningful phrases. H. Hunter, although puzzles of that type had been around for decades. [7] M S E N D M O R E O N E Y The first known alphametic in English. ” Related Latin borrowings include alias, alibi, altruist and adulterate (to alter, in an illicit sense). ” In mathematics, the terms in an alternating series keep switching from one sign to the other.

The IndoEuropean arku- meant either the bow or the arrow, as is evident in the native English cognate arrow. In geometry, an arc is a (necessarily curved) portion of a circle. In trigonometry, the prefix arc- is used to designate the inverse trigonometric functions. For example, in y ϭ arcsin x, y is the angle (ϭ arc, which in a circle is measured by the central angle) whose sine is x. ” It is found in the borrowed words video, vision, and view. A region is said to be arcwise connected if each pair of points can be joined by a curve (ϭ arc) all of whose points are in the region.

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