4 buenas razones para eliminar la tv by Jerry Mander

By Jerry Mander

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To be easily available by phone. To write a mini-bible of factual information to be kept at the production house. To suggest useful reference books for a standing library and later as required. To write short reports on topics of expertise, as required. To suggest useful kinds of research to the research team, informing them where and how to look. The expert should have wide knowledge and practical experience available on demand. The expert should know how to get hold of research materials and other experts at speed.

L l o you havepractical suggesiions/methods of making sure everyone on the script development team gets the best out oftheir writers and themselves, all the way jr-orri preliminary meetings through to final draft? It's always different with different personalities, and every show having itself a different personality and different need. Retaining enough flexibility to ensure that people are giving their best and are being stretched rather than serving up what comes from the front of their heads is a good place to start.

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